One day back in college my teacher brought in his trusty Amiga and I got to explore the wonders of Electronic Art's DPaint and Newtek's early Lightwave 3D, which came bundled
with the Video Toaster. Here are some assorted images and animations created with my current weapons of choice, Lightwave, Photoshop and After Effects.
Animation Montage
This is a random collection of imagery generated over the years, some created for clients, some just for fun, and some dating back to the prehistoric Lightwave Amiga days, when one frame could take hours to render. All set to the song “Senseless” by the Buffalo band Plaster Sandals. Enjoy!
Mutant Invaders From Outer Space & Beyond
These are some quick test renders for a sci-fi epic penned by Terry Fisher that we had planned to shoot on digital video. The film was cast, costumes and props were constructed, location scouting was underway, but it just became too ambitious for our budget and sadly was never finished... at least, not yet...
Santa Claus Got Stuck in my Chimney
An area record store was producing a holiday CD with independent bands to benefit a local charity. We decided to produce a television show of music videos to complement the CD. My boss challenged me to animate one of the videos. So in my spare time with less than two months, I created this video in Lightwave 5.6. I think the final shot was rendered about an hour before the broadcast!
WNGS UPN-67 Station IDs
While working at the Canisius College Media Center, a new TV station approached us to do some station IDs for them. UPN was brand new and didn't have a corporate identity yet. Of course they had no money, but it was fun to experiment and a good learning project. Plus I got to see my work on TV ! Here are two of the promos I made.
Online Express Music TV Spots
Online Express Music was a web store featuring CDs from independent and unsigned bands, mostly from Western New York. It was the brain child of webmaster supreme and all-around great guy Joe Maulucci. Just for fun, I animated some spots for them. They aired on local cable channels.This is probably my favorite. Music courtesy of Alison Pipitone.
Nickel City Scene Animations
Nickel City Scene was a music magazine television show I produced for three years. We spotlighted regional bands and national musicians visiting Western New York and Southern Ontario. I animated lots of 3D bumpers and promos. This clip was the intro for the segment of the show hosted by DJs from our radio sponsor, WEDG-FM.
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