Back in the dark days before video, my dad used to bring out his trusty old Super-8 movie camera to capture holidays and precious family moments. One day when I was 11, my dad showed me how to use the camera to shoot stop motion animation. And so ended any chance of me having a normal childhood. Here are a few shorts from later in my "stop motion" phase. Believe me, there are many, many, many more...

Go Phar Productions Logo

One day a co-worker jokingly referred to my animated film ventures as "Go Far" Productions. I thought, why not? This was my animated company logo.

33 West Program ID

33 West was a weekly cable access show spotlighting local music. They aired a few music videos I produced for a friend's band. I decided they needed some MTV-type show IDs. This was the first one I made for them.

33 West Program ID #2

Captain Caveman? Fred Flinstone's degenerate younger brother? No, this is the second Program ID I made for 33 West. What can I say. I liked animating dinosaurs.

Arctic Ice Soda

Long before the beer, there was Arctic Ice soft drink. Well, not really. We made it up for a college advertising class project. This was our fake TV spot. The rest of the class hated our group.

Bumblebee's Command

I was bored one week-end. so I decided to animate some of my Transformers. In this adventure, Bumblebee has been given command of a remote base. He must lead his troops to fight off an evil growling critter.

The Palstar Adventure

Clips from an unfinished sci-fi epic. The deep space tanker "Palstar" is attacked by pirates, drained of fuel, and left adrift. The Space Marines on board send a strike force to the pirate planet to steal a ship.

College Daze

Some college students like to party. I liked animating giant stop motion flies regurgitating on plastic soldiers. ASCAP please note, this was just for fun, so please don't sue me for using copyrighted music.

Nickel City Scene Program ID

Nickel City Scene was my own local television show spotlighting regional music. Here is a short program ID I animated that aired during our first two seasons on CBS affiliate WIVB-TV.

The Ark II

My friend Mike and I made this film in 7th grade. At the time, we really did have a wooden clubhouse we planned to turn into a space craft and shoot into orbit. Unfortunately, SpaceShipOne beat us to it.

Evolution or Creation: the Ultimate Question

My friend Mike and I had a project due in religion class. Let's see... write a paper or animate dinosaurs? Here the clay dinos watch as a giant asteroid is about to kick off the Ice Age. Special guest appearance by my dad as "God".