It seems like I've always been working in video production, and occasionally I remember to bring my camera along. Here are some random "behind the scenes" photos of various and sundry projects I've been involved with...    
Documenting nancyscandy at Music Is Art 2004.
The jib arm sweeps the crowd at Music Is Art 2004.
Shooting the "Body Electric" show at the Tri-Main Center.
More "Body Electric", this time at the Anderson Gallery.
Still more "Body Electric", this time at scenic Chautauqua, NY.
Jerry shooting a scene for the "Kid Council" DVD.
A typical training video shoot.
Annmarie sets up lights for "Body Electric" at Delaware Park.
Terry adjusts the camera before the "Body Electric" shoot.
Tom, the set designer and art director, surveys the scene.
Back to the Anderson Gallery to shoot "Ease Into Pilates".
Shooting "Ease Into Pilates" at the Karpeles Museum.
Rob the videographer.
Preparing to shoot a Buffalo Common Council meeting.
Jerry and Mel test the switcher.
Shooting a scene from the independent film "American Dysfunction".
The director, Tom McDade, and the sound technician.
A simple blue screen shoot for a Poison Prevention DVD.
Jerry MacKay directs his actors and crew for a short film.
Melanie Morse & Greg Tuyn inspect the shot.