Full Circle Studios
Nickel City Scene was produced by Full Circle Studios, Western New York's coolest full service digital media production company. Founded on the scientific theory: Creativity + Technology = Limitless Opportunity, Full Circle Studios produces everything from corporate training to nationally syndicated television programming. Click on Hooper and check out Full Circle's award-winning web site.
Dave Lesinski
A professional video producer, and amateur computer and stop-motion animator, Dave graduated from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. He worked at the Canisius Media Center for several years as a technician and teaching assistant before moving on to his current role of video producer at Full Circle Studios. Dave produced all three seasons of Nickel City Scene, and in spite of video shoots into the wee hours of the morning and all-night editing sessions, he would return in a heartbeat if the right opportunity presented itself. Yes, Dave does live inside a computer due to a bizarre "Tron"-like accident.
Annmarie Kelschenbach
Annmarie is a native of Western New York. She has a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Television Production from Canisius College that she "worked her ass off for!", holding three jobs all four years of school. After starting out as a lowly intern for the Shredd & Ragan show on 103.3 the EDGE, Annmarie was later hired as their assistant producer and worked as an EDGE week-end DJ. The words "dead air" still strike fear into her heart! She joined the staff of Full Circle Studios as a video producer, where she also served as co-host and Associate Producer for Nickel City Scene. Annmarie was largely responsible for the new direction and terrific humor of season three. Currently she works in sales in the world of Home & Garden Exhibition.
  Rob Cadle
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An independent comic book and graphic artist, Rob attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He works in the Prepress department of the Buffalo News, and in his 
  spare time (when he's not sitting on his ass listening to Pennywise or playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater) he is working on a creator owned comic book called "Shattered Dreams". Rob has also worked as a bouncer in some of Buffalo's biggest bars, and when he auditioned for the role of Nickel City Scene co-host, we knew "no" was not an option. Rob and Annmarie are actually long term friends and worked well together on screen.
Gregory Tuyn  
Greg is another graduate of Canisius College, receiving his Bachelor's degree in Communications and sequencing in Television Production and Film Analysis. He was president of Optical Creations, Inc., a digital media production company specializing in broadcast and corporate clientele. He later worked as a video producer for Full Circle Studios before moving on to website design at another company. With a pure passion for the art, Greg loves the excitement every time he steps behind the camera ready to tackle the next project. He is currently developing a short independent film. Outside the realm of video production, Greg is happily married to his lovely wife, Lisa.
  Jerry MacKay  
A segment producer for Nickel City Scene, Jerry MacKay has produced numerous programs for broadcast television, including two seasons of a weekly sports program for the Empire Sports Network. He served as an assistant producer for the Buffalo Bills, where he created highlight videos, sponsor packages, and graphics for the stadium's Jumbotron. As a member of Full Circle Studios, Jerry is supreme ruler of all things DVD. He is also an independent filmmaker. Check out www.littleflick.com for his latest projects. Jerry shares all the pain and suffering of the daily grind with his lovely wife Beth, and their two cats Nikita and MoJoJoJo).
Rob Graham
Rob received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English at St. Bonaventure University and worked for three years as an editor at a law book-publishing firm. Rob was responsible for the content of most of the firm's books and all of its advertisements. Rob worked as a writer and video producer at Full Circle Studios for a time, where he served as one of the chief writers for Nickel City Scene. Rob is also a talented actor, voice-over artist and father. His earnest mug and vocal stylings have been featured in many a Full Circle production. He also played the role of The Joker in the Darien Lake Batman Thrill Show, until a tragic accident ended his villanous career. Rob is currently a technical writer working in web design.