During our final season, Nickel City Scene covered a lot of local musicians and touring national bands. We also had perhaps too much fun producing our own versions of popular MTV and VH-1 shows. For your convenience, we've included some samples below. As Mr. Peabody would say, "Fire up the Wayback Machine, Sherman," and check out some of our favorite moments from Season Three...

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Deryk and the boys from Sum 41 invited Nickel City Scene's Rob Cadle to hang out on their tour bus before a Buffalo show...
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones played Thursday in the Square, and Dicky Barrett gave our bewildered Annmarie an interview.
Lost but not forgotten... an interview with former Buffalo geometric art rock jazz group Astronaut Lost.
Annmarie challenged songwriter Scott Celani's former band to a little go-kart racing. But can she survive the Rufus Maneuver?
Before forming The Juliet Dagger, Erin Roberts was lead singer for this excellent Buffalo band... Blue Bullet Skater.
Yes, we really were kicked out of Chuck E. Cheese, courtesy Mexican Cession.
100 Most Shocking Moments... NCS style.
Faux celeb-reality - Behind the Music.
Support local music At All Costs.
Just when you thought reality television couldn't get any scarier...
Our way cool open, designed by Jerry MacKay, music by Ed Hecht, 3D by me.
Morpheus and Trinity? Not quite.