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Several years ago, I had the privilege of working with a wonderfully talented group of people to produce two holiday specials for broadcast television. The programs aired on WNED-TV, with videotapes for sale to benefit local charities. With a handful of people who also had day jobs and/or college classes, a budget of $0.00 and less than two months from start to finish, we shifted into gear and somehow pulled it off. Here are some random videos and behind-the-scenes photos for your enjoyment!
The Need The Jazzabels Alison Pipitone Plaster Sandals
Fitzhugh & the Fanatics girlpope Michael Oliver Sid Winkler Trio
Gretchen Schulz Glen Tate
This is the unofficial DVD release featuring all 27 holiday videos. Sorry. I can’t sell you one. Too many copyrights involved. But if you ask me nicely, I’ll send you one for free. You can also find the songs to download here.
The Song List The Song List The Song List